Black Lab Daily Service Price List
Vector imagesLogo or image to a vector image file (SVG, PDF)19,22€
VisualsMaterial for products or services19,22€
Prices per commission.
SolutionSolving or fixing programmable thing to function108,09€
SupportProviding support during maintenance or deployment108,09€
Laptop & peripherals included. Prices per starting hour.
InstructionCreating product or service instruction22,88€
VisualsCreating product or service instruction visuals22,88€
Prices per projeect.
AssistantAssisting at an office45,51€
CoderIn-office Coder45,51€
Prices per starting hour.
InboundReceiving inbound cargo12,81€
PackagingCollecting items and packaging12,81€
OutboundPallet staging, shipping preparations & dispatch12,81€
Safety shoes and work outfit included
Other services
Temp. dutyPhone or space temporary watch as an assistant22,88€
Prices per starting hour or commission.
VAT not included. Final price is based on details of the assignment. Prices may be changed at any time without further notice.