I have an image which needs to be vectored image version, what should I do?
Send image via email and ask for a quote. If you know where you use the vector image – e.g. shirt print or website – and deadline please write them. Reply is send with the price quote and additional questions. Please be prepared to provide invoice information.
I would like to discuss about assignment, project or work. How do I contact you?
As a small company, my main office is located at same place where my home is, so it isn't possible to stop by, but please contact me and request an audience.
The site doesn't greet with modal pop-up windows or banner with multiple buttons?
There is no need for cookies or other tracking mechanism so there is also no need for display notices about them. If in the future such techniques are implemented, they are announced separately.
Who is behind the company?
Company is a trade name and employs single person, the entrepreneur themself. When your company or community purchases service, you purchase one (1) person to handle the assignment.
Why the company does many things instead of few?
Entrepreneurship is about that you can do different things. Start of project is to consentrate project's demand of skill set. During downtime additional learning and current skills are honed and updated.